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Dog Boarding

Our large kennels provide plenty of space for dogs of all sizes, as well as families with multiple large dogs.

Each kennel has access to its own private outdoor area, as well as daily exercise in the surrounding massive secure yard.

We also have a whole section dedicated to the jumpers, climbers and escape artists.


Our cattery facilities has been evolving over the years, each time to better accommodate some of our more particular clientele.

The cattery is fully air conditioned, and each spot provides plenty of space and verticality for the climbers and jumpers.

We have designed the facilities with different zones, to ensure housing, food/water and litter areas all remain separate.


Small Dog Division

We are excited to announce our new dedicated, indoor, air conditioned kennel and cattery facility, designed exclusively for our smallest, and most discerning guests.

The new area will be the culmination of years of iteration and learning how we can best look after your dogs needs and we can't wait to welcome your smaller pets.

Other Services

To further meet the needs of our wonderful clients and the local community we are always looking for new ways help with your dog related needs.

This year we are excited to start building our membership dog park and training area. Which will provide a huge, safe and shaded area for our clients to enjoy off-leash time with their energetic pets.

The space will also allow us to provide a dedicated area to run more dog training courses.

Watch this space for updates and availability on new courses throughout the year.

Our Services: Our Services
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